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Archive for September 16th, 2009

Seems AIB can do better than NAMA »

Based on the Minister’s statement to the Dail today, it would seem that AIB, and maybe also BOI, can do better than deal with NAMA The Minister will “buy” in total  €47 bn. of assets at “current market value” (CMV), and then pay an extra 7 bn on top in “subordinated “bonds. That’s 54 bn out […]

When will you redeem the bonds, Minister? »

Today, Wednesday September 16th, is NAMA day, when our Minister of Finance, (and probably the next Taoiseach) Brian Lenihan, will announce some estimates, and hopefully some hard details of the NAMA scheme and its impact on the banks. Most of the population, gripped by irrational fear of great losses by this stage, will be anxiously […]

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