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Archive for September 17th, 2009

NAMA borrowing myths nearly exposed tonight »

Tonight on Prime Time Donal O’Mahoney of Davys and Karl Whelan, the finance professor who would nationalise the banks…nearly fell upon the truth about the funding in NAMA…but unfortunately Miriam intervened and forced a change of topic. Karl said that the government would have to borrow to fund NAMA and asked what’s the difference between that and […]

Economist confuses NAMA picture even more… »

I have just been listening to Associate Professor Brian Lucey (- with Karl Whelan, the leader of the gang of 46 -) explaining to Morning Ireland listeners exactly what NAMA means to us as Borrowers He says that we, the taxpayers, will be borrowing this 47 or 54 billion and giving it to the banks.  […]

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Video: About NAMA(2009)