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Netsso – your personal single sign on portal to the web

Yes, Netsso is the sponsor of this blog and I’m proud to acknowledge that and not only because I am a shareholder. But, you may ask, why, then, has there been such a long time waiting for the activity of the blog to re-commence?. Sponsor problems?  No, not that..It was me, being too tired for a while and sort of lost interest in writing out my opinions on various issues for my two readers (not counting wife and child).

No, Netsso…the development has been a bit slow, and a hundred or so persons have done a lot of testing, etc… but we think we have a classy item now…like that old bull with the ring in his nose, walking slowly around the first prize ring at the RDS….he’s no sprinter, but you’ve got quality beef there.

I strongly recommend to all my readers. Go register there and play with it for a few days. Enter a few of your favourite web places, which you wish to return to perhaps- not more than 3000, I would advise, and later realise how well Netsso can bring you to these places from any PC, when you double-click the links, without you having to remember your usernames or passwords, or even the names of the webplaces, – give your links some memory-assisting titles-  and some day you will wake up and realise that you’re not using commercial search engines so much any more and that you’ve taken control of your life in that part of the internet which is of most interest to you, your own internet “world”.

Your Netsso links follow you to any PC, delivered to you in private, and always encrypted when you’re not using them. So, one login to Netsso- only one password to remember – and you can then click to all other places. And when you consider that 40% + of all Google searches are for places previously visited by the searcher, and you don’t have to do that any more, and you can put all the internet places you know and like into your Netsso, including your direct links to online files and folders, your web mail, your music tracks, any web address…anywhere with its own url… then you have..a one click entry portal to your whole internet world. A private Single Sign On (SSO) portal to your interNET…

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