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A vote for Lisbon is a vote for Blair

If the Irish vote results in the Lisbon Treaty being ratified, then the leaders of the EU will get together in that back room and select a new President of Europe (or whatever he may be called–but that is what he will become). The likely candidate seems to be Tony Blair, the man from Donegal, and whose children allegedly hold Irish passports (- but why not himself?)Blair, Eu flag

But there has been virtually no mention of this during the referendum campaign in Ireland. More’s the pity, because when Tony’s selected we won’t  be able to claim that we did it for him, our compatriot. So, we won’t be able to stand in line for whatever crumbs of favours might later be repayable as a debt of gratitude.  I suppose its too late now for the people of Ireland to demand that our government (and opposition) declare their preferences for a future EU Leader, and thereby give them the opportunity to come out for our Tony when he most needs their support.

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